That's our motto, so we need to live by it.

We asked ourselves - what makes the perfect jewelry? High quality materials, custom designs that you won't find anywhere else, and the toughness to withstand your day-to-day grind with ease. We spent over a year developing our designs and finding the right manufacturers that delivered on all accounts. From the workplace to a night out, MANSSION has you covered.


Whether metal or stone, our products only use the highest quality materials:

       - 18k Gold / Rose Gold
       - Pure 925 Sterling Silver
       - Rhodium
       - High-Grade Stones

All of our plated jewelry is coated 3 times with precious metals, and then finished with a specially formulated e-coat for even more protection. The 3x plating alone is far beyond the industry standard 1x plating, but we decided to take it further.


Quality doesn't mean anything if it doesn't look good. All of our pieces are custom created by us, so you won't find them anywhere else. We set out to make fashionable pieces that compliment any outfit, no matter the occasion. Not only are MANSSION designs stylish and made from the best materials, but they are also built to accompany your everyday lifestyle.

Set yourself apart.